FAQ - Stage 3 Restrictions

What services remain available at Bundoora Park Golf Course?


  •  Golf on course with 4 players per group.
  • Phone Bookings Mandatory
  • Takeaway food and beverage only (no self service)
  •  1-on-1 coaching available 
  • Golf Carts may be hired and shared by 2 players
  • Hire Clubs and Buggies Available for Hire

Clubs/facilities are required to thoroughly clean hire equipment before and after each use.

How do i comply with the terms and policies and conditions of the COVID-19 safety plan at Bundoora Park Golf Course?

We are confident that our best-practice precautions on course have kept our community as safe as possible since restrictions first commenced in the month of March, 2020. All distancing and hygiene policies enforced to date remain in force,  until further notice. 


  •  You will be required on arrival to sign in with your name and phone number using your mobile device on one of the QR codes around the pro-shop.
  • Masks must be worn at all times, including during your round of golf.
  • 1.5 metre social distancing still in place
  •  Do not arrive at the facility earlier than 10mins prior to your designated tee time 


Our expectation is that you assist us as best as possible in keeping the community safe.

If you are found by Management or our course marshal to be behaving in conflict with one of these overarching principles, and behaving in a way that is unsafe but outside the scope of the express rules above, you will be warned. If we are made ware of any further breaches of this nature, your access to the course will be suspended for the remainder of the lockdown period.

What are we doing to minimise health risks at the course and facilities?

The course and facility will remain vigilant in implementing infection control procedures, including 100% COVID-19 Infection Control Training for our staff, daily cleaning in accordance with DHHS recommendations, the promotion of healthy hygiene habits and making hand sanitiser available for staff and patrons to use.

  • All hire equipment including clubs, buggies and motorised carts are sanitised after each use.
  • Currently no self serve of food and drinks,
  • Toilet and Bathroom facilities are checked and sanitised every hour or when needed

What are Golf Australia's overarching principles?

The following are the principles in which these guidelines have been developed on, and how clubs and facilities should act in this crisis.

  • That the return to sport in these times is a privilege and not a right
  • Participants need to minimise their time at the venue
  • Participants need to minimise contact with other people at the venue, fellow participants, and staff alike
  • We all have a responsibility to do everything possible to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus and to ensure that we act appropriately during this crisis.

Our plan to manage social distancing, congregation and customer demand

  • You will not be permitted to play golf without a reserved tee time

  • Do not arrive at the clubhouse more than 10 minutes prior to your tee time. If you arrive at the facility earlier, please wait at your car

  • Stand on the “X” and follow the directions of our team members at all times

  • The practice green is closed

  • Maintain 1.5m social distancing at all times with your playing partner

  • Players are to leave the facility immediately after completing their round

  • Coffee can be purchased takeaway but are not to be consumed in the form of post-round debriefs

  • No photos or presentations are permitted

Note: Management has carried out local risk assessments to inform the structuring of tee intervals, with a view to maximising course access and also complying with congregation limits in and around the clubhouse area. With strict processes enforced between the car park, clubhouse, practice green, and tee, we are endeavouring to create as much access as possible. Whilst access to the course won't feel as relaxed and easy-going as usual, we hope you understand that the safety of our customers is our highest priority.



Flags & Holes

  • Either the removal of flag-sticks on course or,

  • Flag-sticks to remain in hole at all times


  • Removal of all rakes

  • Players are requested to smooth bunkers using their feet or a club and are allowed to take preferred lies


  • Golf carts will be limited to one person per cart and touchpoints sanitised by team members post-use

  • Refer to Management for local rules relating to use of sand buckets and course care initiatives

  • Removal of other unnecessary touchpoints, including but not limited to: ball washers, shoe cleaners and pins on the practice green

Operations Update 27/10/20 1:00p.m.

From 11.59pm on Tuesday the 27th of October:

  • Golf can be played in groups of four, with the ‘two household’ limit removed Competition golf can resume

  • Allow the hire of equipment to golfers under the provision that it is cleaned after every use. Please note, GA is seeking clarity on any capacity limits applicable to golf carts.

  • Operate hospitality with seated patrons not exceeding 20 inside (across two areas of ten) and 50 outside

  • Only service patrons that comply with the 25km travel limit

    - Practice green and Fairway currently closed.

Golf Australia will communicate in full to our clubs and facilities as soon as practicable following the release of the Chief Health Officer’s directives.


The latest announcements regarding restrictions around playing golf:


☑️  Phone Bookings Mandatory

☑️  Golf can commence in groups of 4

☑️  Motorised carts available and may be shared by 2 players

☑️  25km limit on travel to golf removed

☑️  18 Holes and 9 Holes Available!

☑️  Lessons now available!

☑️  Face Masks to be worn at all times

Please note - The following changes to our previous update on 10th July 2020: 

  • Golf cart exemption

    Golf Australia have advocated for a motorised cart exemption for people over the age of 65, or people with special needs.

  • A doctor's certificate will be required to be added to our permitted users register

Face masks must be worn at all times 

You are required to wear a face mask every time you leave your house. Please wear your mask in our pro shop. Maintain your social distancing at all times. 

Golf Australia update (22/07/20):

  • All golfers must wear a face covering or face mask when playing golf in Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, unless they are affected by a relevant medical condition such as breathing difficulties (e.g. Asthma), a serious skin condition on the face, a disability or a mental health condition.

  • Players will be asked to leave the facility immediately if they are not wearing a face covering, unless they are affected by a relevant medical conditions.

  • It is recommended that clubs/facilities seek a medical certificate or other proof of exemption for players who state they have a valid reason not to wear a face covering.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, DHHS have published the following: When an individual is doing any exercise or physical activity where they are out of breath or puffing (e.g. jogging or running, but not walking), you must have a face covering on you and wear it when you finish exercising.


Please note while golf is back in groups of two, we still need your help to keep eachother safe. In line with the most recent Government update, all players must pre-book their round via phone and confirm that they are able to adhere to covid-19 regulations as set out above.

Click Here for more information on Golf Australia's guidelines to Stage 3 Restrictions. 

Update 21/07/2020

Stage 3 Restrictions are now in force at Bundoora Park Golf Course

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